How are classes conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Classes are in-person. Mask/face covering is required.

We follow the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and San Mateo County Health guidelines. If the guidelines change or anything prevents us from continuing in-person classes, please be aware of the possibility that distance learning may resume.

What is the age requirement for New Students?
  • Beginning level:  Incoming Kindergartners & 1st graders (at regular weekday school)
    (Transitional Kindergartners and 2nd-8th graders will be admitted if space is available)

  • Other levelsIncoming Kindergartners through 11th graders (at regular weekday school)
Is there an entrance exam?
  • Not for beginning level students
  • For students who can read and write hiragana and would like to be in a class other than the beginning level, a placement test will be required. 
When can we observe a class? 

There are no observations due to COVID-19.

Here is an introduction video if you would like to see what we do.

When can we apply for the new school year?

We begin accepting New Student Applications from January 15 for the new school year which begins in September. Apply early to reserve a spot, then remember to register before the deadline.


The Registration period is May 1- June 15, or when classes reach capacity.


Thereafter, registration will be accepted if space is available, and a $75 late registration fee will apply.

Do you accept new students mid-year? New students may be accepted through the end of October if space is available. Please contact us to inquire.
When are classes held?

Saturday mornings (1st Saturday after Labor Day in September to 1st Saturday of June)


  • Students assigned to A-class:     8:20 am -10:10 am
  • Students assigned to B-class:   10:25 am -12:15 pm
How many students per class? Up to 12 in most classes. Up to 14 in some older classes. 
Can I choose between A & B Class?

We ask parents to leave this decision to the staff. We select the class that best fits your child based on his/her level and age group. (For continuing students, we also consider teachers’ recommendations.) Therefore, each of our 14 classes are unique. 


Class Placements are announced in late August.


Please keep your Saturday mornings open as your child could be placed in either A-class (8:20-10:10am) or B-class (10:25am-12:15pm).

How do we apply? If we are accepting new students, there will be an announcement on our homepage for New Student Applicants.
What's the Withdrawal/ Tuition Refund Policy?
  • The full Annual Tuition is non-refundable from August 15. This applies for both Full Payment and Installment Payment registrations.
  • Withdrawals prior to August 15 will be entitled to a refund of tuition paid less a $200 administrative fee.
  • Any exceptions to the refund policy will require approval by the Board of Directors for such extraordinary circumstances.
  • No tuition fee adjustments for holidays, short-term and long-term absences, suspensions, and emergency school closures.